Working together on social sustainability

At the heart of the social component of our sustainability strategy is our commitment to being an inclusive workforce, workplace and marketplace. Our aim is to create an environment where everyone feels they belong.


Embracing everyone equally – diversity, equity and inclusion

We bring an inclusive lens to everything we do and want our employees to be valued for their differences. 

To support this, we actively promote DEI awareness within Adevinta. In September 2022, we launched our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategy, strengthening our strong, purpose-driven work culture. 

Creating a roadmap – the Adevinta Gender Audit

Continuously seeking to enhance our understanding, we partnered with the consultancy Gender Rise for a Gender Audit. This audit assessed gender-related issues in areas such as Rewards; Talent Development; Performance and Culture, and provided insights for a clear 3-year action roadmap on gender issues.

Grassroots movement – Adevinta 4 Everyone

Adevinta for Everyone (A4E) is central to our commitment to DEI. This internal grassroots movement includes over 20 employees from across Adevinta, championing the DEI agenda through events and awareness-raising activities. Because everyone deserves to have their voice heard.


Collective responsibility- Sustainable Supply Chain

We prioritise working with suppliers who share our commitment to respect and protect human rights. While predominantly service-based, our procurement activity also relates to physical products such as ICT equipment.

In 2022, we introduced a Supplier Code of Conduct and a Sustainable Sourcing policy, alongside a process to assess suppliers from risk, compliance and sustainability perspectives. In 2024, we plan to build on this framework by adding a Human Rights Assessment to ensure alignment with our policies, helping us identify and address potential negative impacts.  

Norway Transparency Act

Effective 1 July 2022, the Norwegian Transparency Act mandates:

  • Human rights due diligence in business operations and value chain.
  • Public accountability for due diligence, including procedures and identified risks.
  • Information provision upon request.

Adevinta is committed to transparency in our due diligence, upholding human rights and fair working conditions. We actively oppose modern slavery and are committed to safeguards against any form of mistreatment in our business and supply chain. Learn more about our efforts under the Norwegian Transparency Act.

Norwegian Transparency Act