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Working together towards inclusion and belonging

We want to create an inclusive workforce and workplace, where everyone feels like they belong.

We aim to go beyond diversity. We are dedicated to creating an environment where every individual within our diverse community has equal opportunities and is genuinely included in the conversation.

We actively encourage our employees to join our mission towards greater inclusion, by joining dedicated webinars, awareness campaigns and in-person events.

Adevinta for Everyone

Our internal grassroots movement, Adevinta for Everyone (A4E), aims to build a more inclusive workplace, where everyone feels like they belong and can express their true selves.

The A4E members are at the heart of Adevinta, embedded into different teams and departments and present in all our locations. The strength of the group lies within the exchange of diverse perspectives and experiences of each member. They are the eyes, the ears and the voice of our people at Adevinta.

While the DEI department’s responsibility is to bridge and implement company-wide changes, along with engaging stakeholders at a corporate level, A4E works as an advocacy group that supports such changes.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Our ERGs (LGBTQIA+ @Adevinta, Neurodiversity @Adevinta and Women @Adevinta) act as representatives and sounding boards for matters that might affect specific communities.

Each employee resource group is employee-led, self-organised and endorsed by two Executive sponsors to ensure both support and visibility across the Senior Leadership Team.

Our ERGs welcome everyone, embracing the power of allyship and collaboration.

LGBTQIA+, Neurodiversity and Women @Adevinta

LGBTQIA+ @Adevinta

It strives to create a safe, inclusive and affirming environment for individuals who identify within the diverse LGBTQIA+ spectrum.


It is committed to embracing and celebrating the strengths and perspectives of individuals with neurodivergent traits, such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia and other neurological differences.

Women @Adevinta

It is dedicated to fostering gender equality, empowerment, and professional growth for women within Adevinta.

The EmergeHer Program

Based on the 70/20/10 model, EmergeHer is a brand new development programme, aimed to catalyse growth, development and positive change within our existing talent pool. This programme focuses on embracing new ideas, opportunities and potentials while mobilising individuals and stakeholders to drive collective action.
It includes specific training from LinkedIn Learning, networking events with the Woman In Tech community, mentoring opportunities and coaching. These are the four key pillars:

  • Know your strengths
  • Strengthen your communication skills
  • Build your career plan
  • Learn how to make yourself visible

EmergeHer is designed for “Her” and the entire organisation around her. Because change needs all of us.

The Women in Tech community

Women in Tech at Adevinta, present across our EU5 locations, is a thriving community working with us on our “Female Representation” KPI. Through external partnerships, collaborations with schools and meet-ups led by women in STEM, the community supports talent development. It also strengthens our brand as an employer of choice, committed to inclusivity and community engagement. This initiative cultivates a balanced workforce, promotes social responsibility and contributes to our overall organisational success in the tech industry.

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A4E stands for Adevinta for Everybody

Collective responsibility- Sustainable Supply Chain

We prioritise working with suppliers who share our commitment to respect and protect human rights. While predominantly service-based, our procurement activity also relates to physical products such as ICT equipment. In 2022, we introduced a Supplier Code of Conduct and a Sustainable Sourcing policy, alongside a process to assess suppliers from risk, compliance and sustainability perspectives. In 2024, we plan to build on this framework by adding a Human Rights Assessment to ensure alignment with our policies, helping us identify and address potential negative impacts.

Norway Transparency Act

Effective 1 July 2022, the Norwegian Transparency Act mandates:

  • Human rights due diligence in business operations and value chain.
  • Public accountability for due diligence, including procedures and identified risks.
  • Information provision upon request.

Adevinta is committed to transparency in our due diligence, upholding human rights and fair working conditions. We actively oppose modern slavery and are committed to safeguards against any form of mistreatment in our business and supply chain. Learn more about our efforts under the Norwegian Transparency Act.

Norwegian Transparency Act