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Adevinta for Everyone: who are we?

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Are you ready to take a peek behind the scenes at one of the most innovative, diverse and inclusive groups within Adevinta? Welcome to ‘Adevinta for Everyone,’ the grassroots movement that’s turning the spotlight on DEI.

So…what is Adevinta for Everyone?

Imagine a ‘marketplace’ of ideas, perspectives and creativity, where employees from every corner of the company gather to foster a more inclusive workplace. Adevinta for Everyone, also known as A4E, is precisely that—a melting pot of backgrounds, skills and ideas that actively supports Adevinta’s DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) efforts.

A4E is not a one-off initiative; it’s a living and breathing part of the company culture. It works in close collaboration with the DEI Team, co-owning projects and events that drive forward the organisation’s commitment to DEI and expanding it to all our local hubs.

How does this collaboration work?

The DEI Team has a list of main projects to carry out during the year, each with a different timeline and scope. In the past these have included the completion of a Gender Audit, running an Allyship workshop and laying the foundations for the launch of three Employee Resource Groups. On a bi-weekly basis, the A4E and DEI Teams share inputs about these projects with one another, and the feedback provided by A4E is essential to achieve the desired goals. Why? Because the level of diverse knowledge within the group is so high that one member always catches something that the other didn’t think about!

That’s why the DEI Team is very proud to continuously propose new ideas to work on with A4E and co-create campaigns that would otherwise have a more limited reach. They also work together to celebrate key moments throughout the year like International Women’s Day or Pride. These moments are opportunities for A4E members to help the DEI team organise events on a company-wide scale, which can help educate but also start new conversations about key DEI issues.

How can we do better?

Together, A4E and the DEI team form a powerhouse that is continuously working to answer the question “How can we do better? In what ways can we be more inclusive than before?” Watch the video below to learn more about A4E.

In-Person Gathering: The Annual Highlight

The power of A4E is not just limited to the digital realm. Once a year, members from all corners of Adevinta come together for an in-person gathering.

Imagine the excitement when employees from Vienna finally meet their colleagues from Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam or Italy, or when someone from Communications connects with someone from Sales and other various functions. It’s an event that not only celebrates diversity, but also represents an occasion to learn something new and work together on future projects. During past editions of this annual gathering, the group has upskilled itself on topics such as authentic allyship, unconscious bias and microaggressions, and has crafted its very own brand identity.

Joining the movement

Joining Adevinta for Everyone means not just observing change but being a part of the change. It’s about actively participating in the evolution of the workplace, and questioning the status quo while at the same time proposing better alternatives. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation and shared values. A4E is more than just a group of people—it’s a promise for a more thoughtful and more inclusive Adevinta. Because change needs all of us.

Check out this playlist to learn more about Diversity Equity and Inclusion at Adevinta.

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