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Fuelling the Circular Economy


It’s clear that we are consuming too much, too quickly. We need to change the way we consume, shifting to a more circular economy.

Circular consumption means keeping products and materials in use for longer through repair, reuse and recycling. It’s kinder to the planet than linear consumption, where people buy something new, use it briefly, and then dispose of it.

As a leader in the second-hand marketplace sector, we are uniquely positioned to accelerate the growth of the circular economy – yet there is still much work ahead. We are committed to delivering the continuous effort and innovation required.

Environmental responsibility

By fuelling the circular economy, we contribute to slowing down resource overconsumption and reducing pollution, waste, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Our approach, in line with the principles of the UN Global Compact, emphasises environmental responsibility, the use of green technologies, and a precautionary stance on potential risks. 

Empowering sustainable commerce 

Sustainable consumption is at the core of Adevinta’s business model. As a leading online marketplace group operating in 10 countries, we know we have an important role to play in society. Our trusted brands not only empower local economies, but also help countless local businesses to thrive.

The Second Hand Effect

Each day, millions of people buy and sell second-hand items on our online marketplaces. And each time they do, they contribute to reducing the world’s environmental footprint. We call this the Second Hand Effect. View our Second Hand Effect Report 2022 here.

Second Hand Effect

People And Culture At Adevinta 

We recognise that people are the driving force of positive change within our business and in their communities. As a people-first organisation, we aim to provide workplaces where all employees feel a sense of belonging and are inspired to reach their full potential. We continually invest in the people and culture at the heart of our business. Find out about careers at Adevinta.

Careers at Adevinta

Annual Report

Read how we are turning our commitment to sustainable commerce into action in our Annual Report.

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Our Sustainability Reports

Adevinta Sustainability Report 2022

We are aware of our ability to contribute to the circular economy and for our platforms to connect people in the communities and countries in which we operate. Our business implicitly encourages more sustainable consumption. We are committed to building on our sustainability achievements, with a focus on three key areas.


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Adevinta Sustainability Report 2021

Our vision is for more sustainable commerce to shape a healthy planet and society. With our strong base in continental Europe, and our operations outside Europe, we are already facilitating substantial volumes of trade in used goods. With trusted brands that enjoy leading market positions, Adevinta operates a resilient business model at the centre of the secondhand economy at a time when consumers are seeking more sustainable and cost-efficient ways to buy products.


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Adevinta Sustainability Report 2020

In 2020, Adevinta focused on many aspects of our sustainability work. In this report, you can read about our performance in three key areas – environmental, business and societal impact. From our role in the circular economy to sustainable investments, community engagement and our work on diversity and inclusion, this report details our sustainability efforts.


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Sustainability News

Recognised as sustainability leader in the DJSI Index Europe

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Second-hand trade has big environmental impact according to Adevinta study

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Second-hand trade on digital marketplaces saved 25.3 million tons of CO2e last year

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