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Adevinta Champions Sustainable Commerce

As a champion for sustainable commerce in Europe, our goal is to make a positive impact on the environment, the economy, and society. We know there is more to do to encourage sustainable consumption. And as a responsible European company, we want to lead this change.

Our Initiatives

Second-Hand First

Encouraging users to choose second-hand first and give pre-loved items a second chance.

Evolving Shopping Habits

Evolving shopping habits by helping people enjoy the benefits of sustainable commerce.


Investing in partnerships, products and technology that support sustainability.

Our Impact

With our customers at every meaningful moment of their lives 

Our European marketplaces span second-hand consumer goods, mobility, real estate, holiday rentals and jobs. We provide people with access to everything they need at the major moments of their lives. Whether they’re moving home, finding a car, seeking that dream job or preparing to start a family. 

Making a valuable contribution to the European economy

We create economic opportunities for consumers, businesses, and communities alike. We do this by connecting millions of buyers and sellers daily across our platforms in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Benelux. We offer most of our services free to consumers – making it easy and cost-effective for everyone to use our platforms. And we fuel growth for small and medium-sized businesses, professional clients and large advertisers via our range of business services.

Helping customers make a positive environmental impact 

The circular economy is part of our DNA. Our platforms give used items a new purpose and extend product life cycles, which helps every customer make a positive impact on the planet. 


We call this the Second-Hand Effect.

Shaping a society that benefits everyone

Our peer-to-peer platforms are open to all. This means we give everyone, whoever they are and whatever their circumstances, access to the things they want, need or love. We help our users navigate the cost-of-living crisis by empowering them to shop smartly and save money. And we create connections between like-minded people, across categories, communities and countries.

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