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Real Estate

Helping people live in a home they love


We believe that finding a home – whether short or long term – should be an exciting and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Through our marketplaces, we focus on getting the best and fairest deal for everyone involved.  

Our dedicated real estate platforms including Fotocasa and Habitaclia enable us to act as a trusted partner to homeseekers, sellers, landlords and agents.

Our generalist marketplaces, such as leboncoin (France), Kleinanzeigen (Germany), Marktplaats (Netherlands) and Subito (Italy) offer people the ability to list and search for properties across Europe.

Championing Sustainable Commerce

Our Role & Our Impact

  • Helping homeseekers find a place to call home

    Everyone wants to have the perfect place they can call home. 

    Our real estate platforms provide homeseekers with instant access to millions of properties to rent or buy across Europe. 

    We ensure property running costs and energy efficiency details are clear within all listings, helping people to make informed choices.

    And we provide all of the necessary protections so homeseekers feel confident and comfortable searching for their new home.  

  • Connecting sellers with seekers

    Our marketplaces offer private sellers unparalleled access to a pool of engaged homeseekers across Europe. 

    And our cost-effective, intuitive platforms reduce the admin burden, making selling your home a simple and stress-free process.

  • Tailored tools for landlords and agents

    We act as a trusted partner to landlords and agents, connecting them with hundreds of millions of engaged users every year.

    And we provide a suite of bespoke tools to improve conversions, enhance the customer experience and increase revenues.

Real Estate in a nutshell

58 million
monthly active users
6 million
monthly average of daily active ads