Sustainability governance

Sustainability is at the heart of Adevinta’s corporate governance. It guides our decision-making and stakeholder interactions, ensuring responsible and effective resource use. 

Adevinta’s sustainability governance team

At Adevinta, sustainability governance is a team effort. The Board of Directors supervises our sustainability performance. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) holds overall responsibility for our sustainability work, while the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) oversees operational performance, reporting to the executive management team and Board at least once a year. Our sustainability statement is a key part of the Board of Directors’ report.

Ethics and Compliance

Doing the right thing matters, both in how we behave towards colleagues and as a business. In the decisions that everyone sees and those they don’t. Our success relies on earning the trust and confidence of our stakeholders. This is why Ethics and Compliance are crucial for Adevinta.

Ethics and Compliance – our approach

Risk Management

At Adevinta, we operate in a dynamic landscape, facing various risks as we grow and evolve our products and technologies to enhance user experience for our customers.

Risk Management