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Transforming the European job market.

We believe everyone deserves a fulfilling and rewarding career, where their skills and strengths create prosperity and economic growth.

Our jobs platforms act as a smart, trusted and transparent matchmaking service between employers and candidates.

  • We help candidates quickly and easily find the right role, whatever their needs.
  • We help employers match talent to opportunity by unlocking access to a huge pool of job seekers across Europe.
  • And we’re constantly enhancing our platforms to keep pace with the rapidly evolving world of work.

Championing Sustainable Commerce

Our Role & Our Impact

  • Supporting job seekers

    Our suite of solutions is designed to support candidates at every stage of their careers.

    By making it possible for people to quickly and easily land a new job, we help everyone realise their potential.

  • A partner for growth

    We give employers access to the talent, technology and tools they need to succeed.

    Our job platforms unlock access to a huge pool of talent, helping firms quickly find the best hires to fuel growth and boost productivity.

  • Innovating to lead

    We have always driven innovation in recruitment – from shifting job adverts online, to leading the move to app-based and mobile searches. 

    Today, we are pioneering solutions which will help employers meet new challenges, such as the impact of AI and the transition to a net zero economy. 

    Across our platforms, these developments will make hiring and job-seeking faster, easier and more enjoyable.   

    And that means better long-term outcomes for both candidates and employers.

Emerging Verticals: Jobs in a Nutshell

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monthly active users
1.7 million
monthly average of daily active ads