Ignite and the Adevinta Awards

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Ignite is our yearly moment to come together, celebrate our achievements, both big and small, and embrace the potential of our entire global Adevinta community. The two-day event culminated with a gala to celebrate the finalists and winners of our 2023 Adevinta Awards in Culture, Innovation and Sales.

Ignite is much more than your average team-building experience. It’s a space where meaningful interactions take place and long-lasting connections flourish. It’s where Adevintans from across our marketplaces gather to grow, cultivating curiosity as a driving force for development and success.

What happened over the two days?

On the first day, 600+ Adevintans gathered for inspiring conferences, followed by team-building activities where they explored the city of Barcelona, while supporting local charities. The activities ranged from building kennels for animal shelters to creating lego bridges that were later donated to a children’s hospital. So many new connections were formed and knowledge was shared.

Adevinta’s CEO Antoine Jouteau said during the night-time celebration, “I am very grateful for the amazing energy Adevintans are bringing. Together, we’re building the future of our beloved company.”

On day two, there were strategy presentations, a DEI session and Q&A panels with the finalists. In the evening, participants headed to a beautiful vineyard in Barcelona’s countryside for our Awards Ceremony and an evening to remember. Adevintans who were unable to attend the event could catch all the action on a live-stream and there were even streaming parties across our Hubs.

Congratulations to the winners

It’s a huge achievement to be nominated for the awards, so congratulations to the 130+ finalists as well as the 30+ winners of the Sales, Innovation, Culture and Ambassadorship Awards! We can’t wait for next year’s edition.

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