Adevinta joins Barcelona Tech City to reinforce its commitment to tech development and innovation

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Barcelona view

Adevinta has signed an agreement to become an official global partner of Barcelona Tech City, a private non-profit association representing more than 800 companies in the digital and technology sectors in Barcelona.

The agreement with Barcelona Tech City enables Adevinta to access and share knowledge on technology development and innovation, a key pillar for the development of online marketplaces.

Being part of Barcelona Tech City reinforces Adevinta’s commitment to innovation hand in hand with technology. Adevinta has always emphasised the attraction of talent and teamwork, two of the values they share with Barcelona Tech City. Thanks to this agreement, Adevinta will make an important contribution to the continued rapid development of Barcelona’s world class technology ecosystem.

Barcelona Tech City was formed to promote its tech brand internationally, attracting local and international investment, while creating an ecosystem for new and established tech companies to thrive. Locally, it maximises networking opportunities and seeks to continue to attract tech talent to the city.

Adevinta bets on Barcelona

Barcelona has developed an advanced digital and technological infrastructure over the last few years and today the city is a benchmark for technology, innovation and the talent that goes with it. Barcelona is ranked among the 21 largest technology cities in the world, the fifth largest startup hub in Europe and also by capital invested. It also ranks as third in the ranking of global cities preferred by entrepreneurs to start a new tech venture.

In March, Adevinta opened its new head office in 22@, the technology district of Barcelona, with more than 1,000 employees expected. Adevinta’s Barcelona office will act as its global technology hub.