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How did we celebrate Pride Month across Adevinta?

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Pride Month  2023 just came to an end, although celebrations and events across the world and Adevinta continue throughout the summer. Most of the activities that took place were organised thanks to the help of our grassroots movement Adevinta for Everyone (also known as A4E), so we’d like to thank them for their continuous support towards any DEI-related causes. By collaborating on global projects and local initiatives, members of A4E are actively working to make their own marketplaces more inclusive and aware of important topics such as LGBTQIA+ rights.

How did we raise awareness of Pride Month globally?

  • We held a Bytes Session on the topic of queer families, where guest speaker Franziska Kaiser from UHLALA Group explored different types of family constellations and the challenges they face within and outside the working environment.
  • Opened an anonymous “mailbox” where employees who are part of/or planning to be part of a queer family could share aspects of their experience in a confidential manner, and allies could provide advice on how to embark on the allyship journey. Here is one of the comments we received:

“I have some advice if you aspire to become an ally and don’t know where to start like I once did. I would first take the initiative to educate myself about LGBTQIA+ issues, terminology and challenges. Actively listening to the stories and experiences of LGBTQIA+ individuals, and friends are always very helpful. Reflect on how societal norms and stereotypes have influenced your perceptions and attitudes toward the LGBTQIA+ community.”

  • We also launched a Slack Challenge, where we invited people to share pictures of their Pride celebrations, protests, office parties and talks. Thank you to the people who participated in the conversation! We are now donating to an NGO that is dedicated to queer families’ rights, called Famiglie Arcobaleno.

What happened in some of our locations?


The local A4E chapter in Barcelona organised a very well-received celebration at the office, with the help of the fantastic Workplace Team. Over 200 Adevintans participated in an after-work event with drinks and snacks in the canteen and terrace, where Sonido Tupinamba’s music created a fun and colourful atmosphere.

leboncoin’s celebrations
leboncoin‘s LGBTQIA+ community is incredibly active and organises conferences for employees throughout the year, notably in partnership with têtu•connect. On June 13th, a Music Bingo Quiz was organised in collaboration with Drag Queen Minima Gesté. Take a look at the summary video here!

willhaben’s celebrations

This Pride Month, willhaben joined the LGBTQIA+ community to celebrate love, diversity, tolerance, and to speak out against any discrimination faced by the queer community. willhaben leveraged its reach as its greatest asset to advocate for the equality of sexual orientations and identities. Together with its more than 330 employees, they promoted awareness, education and other measures such as workshops, a dedicated action day and the willhaben Pride Corner.

“Our employees celebrate openness, diversity and inclusivity with pride – not only during Pride Month but 365 days a year. Since 2018, our designated change makers at willhaben aim to promote and educate on the importance of diversity, equality, and inclusion. Through regular workshops and presentations, we address our own often unconscious biases in order to contribute to a more inclusive society”, explained Sylvia Dellantonio, General Manager of willhaben.

Berlin’s celebrations

Berlin hosted its very own Pride Event on July 6th, Amazing teamwork made this event a success, from the organising team to everyone else who helped in the setup and who joined the celebration. Cake, ice cream and music accompanied the employees from and Kleinanzeigen who participated throughout the day, and a few people held personal speeches that stuck with the audience.
As you can see from the pictures, a “Pride Wall” was created and then left in a collab space within the office, so that people can keep on adding to it and leave their Pride message.

Italy’s Pride newsletter

During the entire month of June, our colleagues at Subito sent out four newsletters that focused on the four initial letters of the LGBTQIA+ acronym. Each episode delved into the history and struggles of the LGBT community, and provided tips on what to watch, listen to and read to get informed.

Amsterdam’s upcoming event

The Amsterdam office will host their Pride celebrations on July 28th, with a very special guest! Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our Linkedin and Instagram.

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