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Our experience as International Generalists

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The International Generalists track, part of our Early Careers Programme, is for graduates and career changers who want to try different roles within Adevinta before deciding where to focus their career. Gonçalo Leão and Soli Naguib talk about what it’s like in this exciting position.

By Gonçalo and Soli 

Soli Naguib

My name is Soli , and I have been part of the Early Careers Programme since 2019 working for Adevinta across our Barcelona and Paris offices. This programme has enabled me to find my path professionally. Having worked on projects across product, strategy and advertising, I feel confident of my capabilities and how I can create value.

Gonçalo Leão

I am Gonçalo (left) and I started working in October at Adevinta as an International Generalist, in Amsterdam. As one of the few lucky ones to grab this opportunity, my initial rotation as an International Generalist already offered me the tools to better develop myself and to be a young professional within a competitive industry. Engaging with diverse projects around strategy helps me recognise my capabilities and understand how I can have an impact. I’m looking forward to the endless possibilities within the programme.

From the moment we joined Adevinta, we quickly realised that our growth as individuals was at the forefront of the Early Careers Programme’s priorities. We will highlight the various ways in which Adevinta has supported and continues to support our personal and professional development.

A nurturing environment

From day one, we’ve been welcomed into a nurturing environment that fosters growth and encourages learning. The company culture at Adevinta promotes open communication, collaboration and respect. We feel comfortable expressing ideas, asking questions and seeking guidance from colleagues and supervisors. This supportive atmosphere has been instrumental in building our confidence and allowing us to explore new avenues.

Training and development programmes

Adevinta offers comprehensive learning and development programmes designed to enhance our skills and knowledge. From onboarding sessions that familiarise us with company processes, to specialised workshops and seminars, there is a continuous focus on growth opportunities. These programmes touch on many relevant topics such as: machine learning, product, languages and much more. Not only do they help improve professional competencies, but they also equip us with the tools necessary to take on new challenges and get out of our comfort zone.

Mentorship and guidance

One of the most valuable resources at Adevinta is the mentorship and guidance provided by the Early Careers Programme team. Their insights and advice have been instrumental in shaping our career path and setting achievable goals. Our managers also lead us through the intense process of adjusting to different rotations and functions smoothly, while helping us increase both our technical and soft skills.

Challenging Assignments and Growth Opportunities

Adevinta believes in empowering its Early Careers participants by offering challenging assignments and growth opportunities. Not labelling us as juniors is important to the Early Careers team at Adevinta – giving us the chance to work on projects that stretch our abilities and showcase our skills.

Networking and collaboration

Adevinta, also prioritises creating opportunities for junior employees like ourselves to connect with senior professionals and various teams across our 11 countries. The Early Careers Programme promotes networking, fosters exposure and cultivates a culture of collaboration and learning.

To do this, Adevinta frequently runs cross-functional and cross market projects and initiatives that bring together employees from diverse departments to work towards a common goal. As International Generalists, we have been intentionally exposed to these projects by our managers because they recognise the value of networking and building relationships across the whole group. By participating in these projects, we’ve connected with colleagues from different teams, expanded our professional network and broadened our understanding of Adevinta’s operations beyond our immediate team.

Learning and knowledge sharing

Regular internal events, such as workshops or team-building activities, offer a platform for everyone, no matter their seniority, to share their expertise and insights. They often feature sessions that enable us, to engage in discussions and gain exposure to senior-level thinking, not only within our team but also across the organisation.

An example of this was the Early Careers Conference in May, where all participants in the programme gathered for some meaningful workshops including a disruptive activity format based on gigs, where we got to know and work on possible solutions to real-life Adevinta challenges. We presented them to an audience who, together with leadership representatives, decided on winners who were awarded in a special gala.

Working at Adevinta has been an incredible journey of personal and professional development. The company’s culture has played an integral role in shaping us into better professionals. We look forward to the new opportunities that lie ahead in our journey. Our future with Adevinta couldn’t be brighter.

Interested in being an International Generalist? Keep an eye on our website!

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