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Adevinta sponsors two tech events in Amsterdam in June

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Adevinta’s Deputy CPTO and Chief Architect Peter Maas gave a talk on tech transformations at The Next Web Conference (TNW) and Machine Learning Product Manager Anna Via spoke about machine learning at GOTO Amsterdam.

The Next Web Conference

TNW Conference attracted over 10,000 attendees and took place over a few days in June. It was full of phenomenal insights, events and connections across the entire tech ecosystem in Amsterdam. Peter Maas, Deputy CPTO and Chief Architect at Adevinta, gave a 30 minute talk called “Tech Transformations No Longer” in front of more than 200 attendees.

Here is Peter Maas’ thoughts on his presentation:

“I figured it could be useful to share my learnings around scaling, as seen through a technology leadership lens. Maybe unsurprisingly, the majority of the challenge is not about technology. It is about customers, product mindset, your teams, business models and changes in process and culture. Oh, and the most important one: falling in love with the problem you are trying to solve”.

GOTO Amsterdam

At the end of June we sponsored GOTO Amsterdam, which gathers the pioneers and game-changing coders who shape our industry and radically improve the way we look at software. Anna Via, Machine Learning Product Manager at Adevinta in Spain gave a talk entitled: “Developing Machine Learning for impact: Experience in InfoJobs” where she shared insights on job boards’ intricacies and the influence of machine learning in recruitment.

Here are Anna’s thoughts on her talk:

“There are many conversations around machine learning and artificial intelligence from a technical perspective. There are also many conversations around product management, the importance of user centricity and focusing on problems to solve. As a ML Product Manager I’m especially interested in the intersection of both worlds, and figured it could be relevant to share the experience and learnings around working with ML to drive positive impact to our users.”

As part of our sponsorship, we also paid the expenses of three people from under-represented communities so they could attend this event. We’ll continue to sponsor large tech conferences this year, so look out for us in Barcelona and Amsterdam.

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