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5 successful Adevinta Meetups in May

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The Adevinta Barcelona office has been a hive of activity during May, hosting five meetups that we organised alongside Barcelona JUG, Business Automation, Codemotion, BcnRust and Tableau. We’ve hosted talks about frontend, backend, business automation, and even a data challenge between companies. If you missed them, keep reading to find out all the details and get access to the recordings.

17 May Meetup – Java in the Cloud: Tuning for Performance with Testcontainers and AWS

We started off on 17 May with an event organised by Gustavo Martín, Alex Moleiro and Yanina Morales along with Barcelona JUG. We hosted two talks in which the speakers from Atomic Jar and AWS presented the new features of Spring Boot 3.1, and discussed optimising Java for cloud-native applications. The attendees rated the event with an 8.5 out of 10. Watch the recording here.

18 May Meetup – Business Automation. Ask anything

The following day Lourdes Fuster and Violeta Ruiz, part of the CRM teams from and Fotocasa respectively, organised together with Business Automation Consultant Gisela Bravo, a panel discussion. It was a conversation where the 35 attendees had the chance to learn, grow and connect with professionals from Adevinta and the companies PdPaola and HolaLuz. After answering the audience’s questions it was time for a beneficial networking session. Watch the whole round table here.

24 May Meetup – Core Web Vitals & Astro Framework with Codemotion

On 24 May, Joan León, Frontend Engineer at Adevinta Spain, hosted the Codemotion Meetup. Joan and Senior Frontend | Google Developer Expert Danny Paredes discussed the features of the Astro framework, explained how Google uses Core Web Vitals to evaluate a website’s quality and gave advice on how to use them to improve Search Engine positioning. Watch the meetup here.

30 May Meetup – BcnRust

Last week of May started with a meetup about Rust programming language, organised by Francisco Martínez (SRE at Adevinta) together with the BcnRust community. The attendees had the opportunity to hear the lessons learnt by Tudy Gourmelen, an expert in porting Pytorch data loader library to Rust. The audience also learned how to create and deploy WebAssembly microservices with Fermyon Spin.

31 May Meetup – Tableau Challenge & Afterwork

Last but not least, we closed off the month with an event with 120 attendees: the Tableau Challenge & Afterwork. Roberta Manuela Coda, Data Visualisation Lead at Adevinta Spain, organised this exciting meetup along with the company Tableau. The Meetup challenged contestants from five different companies (Adevinta, Vueling Airlines, Bayer, Desigual and Europastry), to create the best data story. Adevinta was represented by two teams including: Achraf Hmimou, Luis Salamó and Marina Palma. Congratulations to Wenceslao Alonso and Álex Frauca’s team who came in third place.

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