Adevinta celebrates Sales, Culture and Innovation Award winners

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Adevinta Awards

Adevinta unveiled the winners of this year’s Adevinta Awards for Sales, Culture and Innovation at a live steamed company meeting this week.

The senior management team announced and congratulated the winners of 15 Adevinta Awards recognising employees for outstanding sales performance, successful innovation, and contributions to our shared company culture. 

Winners were selected based on employee and peer nominations, with around 200 finalists considered in the final rounds of judging. This year’s winners represent seven of our marketplaces plus the Adevinta corporate team. 

“The Adevinta Awards shine a light on the employees, projects and behaviours which set the standard for Adevinta. Just getting to the stage of being a finalist is a huge accomplishment, so a big congratulations and thank you to all of these great Adevintans,” said Rolv Erik Ryssdal, CEO.

The virtual announcement replaced the plan to celebrate award winners at IGNITE, Adevinta’s annual employee event in March which was canceled due to Covid-19. All award finalists were invited to IGNITE, where employees from across marketplace and corporate teams learn from each other through case study presentations and professional content and celebrate the award winners. 

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners! 

Sales Awards winners

The Adevinta Sales Awards incentivise high sales performance, recognise and celebrate the best salespeople in the organisation, and empower sales teams to learn, share knowledge and build networks across the company.

  • Sales Director of the Year: Aurélien Flament, France + Cesar Aparicio, Spain
  • Sales Team of the Year: Sales Group Nr 1, Belarus
  • Sales Transformation of the Year: Listing Sales Support, Hungary
  • Sales Performance of the Year: Conquer the Real Estate New-construction Market, France
  • Sales Manager of the Year: Jean-Adrien Hocquemiller, France
  • Salesperson of the Year: Andrés Ahumada Gómez, Chile

Innovation Awards winners

A culture of innovation is about taking smart risks, and the Adevinta Innovation Awards, a new category this year, celebrate the behaviours that underpin successful innovation.

  • If At First You Don’t Succeed” Innovators: Data normalization to find perfect matches, Adevinta Spain
  • “Best Beats First” Innovators: Messaging to a transaction tool, Leboncoin + Adevinta
  • “Tenacity” Innovator: Daniel Muñoz, Adevinta Spain

Culture Awards winners

The Adevinta Culture Awards highlight the stars who excel in living our key behaviours and, as a result, have built trust within our teams and pushed us to greater success. 

  • Adevinta Culture Champion: Sergi Crespi, Adevinta Spain
  • “Say it like it is” Champion: Anna Weidenhaus, Willhaben
  • “Get things done” Champion: Jaime Jorge, Adevinta
  • “Win together” Champion: Gabriela Toledo, OLX Brazil
  • “Always be learning” Champion: Zita Szabó, Adevinta Hungary