64% of European consumers considering shopping second-hand this holiday season due to high cost-of-living, Adevinta research reveals

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  • Half of European consumers plan to spend less this Christmas due to the high cost-of-living.
  • The main reasons driving the second-hand trend are the need to save money and a desire to shop more sustainably.

14 December 2023: Second-hand marketplaces are set for an increase in traffic this festive period as consumers across Europe look to cut costs due to the continued squeeze on spending power. That’s according to new research from Adevinta, a leading online classifieds group, which counts leboncoin (FR), Kleinanzeigen (DE), Marktplaats (NL), Milanuncios (ES), Subito (IT) and 2dehands/2ememain (BE) amongst its European re-commerce marketplaces. 

In a survey of 5,000 European consumers across Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain, Adevinta found that half (50%) of all respondents plan to spend less this Christmas due to the high cost-of-living. 

As a result, a majority of people (64%) are considering purchasing second-hand items over the festive period this year. The most cited reasons as to why consumers are considering shopping for second-hand items are the need to save money (47%) and a desire to shop more sustainably (37%).

Last year, nearly one third (32%) of European consumers turned to the second-hand market for their Christmas shopping needs. The most purchased items were home decorations (45%), gifts for friends or family (39%), and clothing for themselves (36%). Of those considering buying second-hand this year, one quarter (25%) reported that they like gifting retro or nostalgic items, and a similar proportion (24%) stated they like sourcing items locally.

While many consumers are turning to the second-hand market this festive season to cut costs, some hold reservations around preloved gifting. Over a third (35%) of those who did not buy second hand items last year stated that they prefer to buy brand new and 40% stated that they don’t want to give used items as gifts.

Paul Heimann, Head of Re-Commerce for Adevinta, and CEO of Kleinanzeigen, commented: “Second-hand marketplaces are playing an increasingly important role in helping consumers navigate today’s high cost of living, while at the same time allowing them to make more sustainable choices. But as this data shows, some people are still in the “new is best” mindset, and so there’s a job to do in changing consumer perceptions to encourage a further shift towards more sustainable and cost effective behaviour. That’s why our local marketplaces have spearheaded initiatives to create a shift in consumer mindsets this Christmas – such as the call from Marktplaats for people to consider second-hand gifting of children’s toys, and leboncoin’s campaign about the breadth of second hand gifting.” 

It’s no secret that unwanted gifts are one of the unfortunate aspects of the festive period. Nearly two thirds of consumers (66%) state that they have received a brand-new gift that they’ve had no use for or simply not liked, but encouragingly, only 6% of respondents say that they’ve thrown unwanted items away.

People are more likely to hold on to these unwanted gifts regardless. While 28% have kept items knowing they’ll never have a use for them, less than a quarter (23%) have sold unwanted items online. One third (33%) report having kept an item in case it became useful, and a similar proportion have regifted unwanted items at a later date (30%). 

Heimann continued: “For many people, showing love and appreciation for friends and family during the festive season revolves around the giving and receiving of gifts. But putting sentiment to one side, we all know that presents are not always received in the spirit in which they’re given. Rather than holding onto unwanted gifts, re-commerce marketplaces allow consumers to give these items a second life and clear clutter, while also presenting an opportunity to generate some extra cash in the post-holiday period when budgets are tight.” 


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5323 nationally representative adult respondents across Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium were surveyed online between 9th and 12th October 2023. Research was commissioned by Adevinta and conducted by market research consultancy Censuswide.

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