Nearly a quarter of Europeans sell unwanted Christmas gifts online, Adevinta research shows

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Millions of gifts are exchanged across Europe during the holiday season, but many are ultimately deemed unwanted and unnecessary. In fact, according to a survey of 5,000 Europeans commissioned by Adevinta, the leading classifieds group, two thirds (66%) of people state that they have received a brand-new gift that they’ve had no use for, or simply not liked.

Encouragingly, only 6% of these respondents say that they’ve thrown unwanted items away, and nearly a quarter (23%) have turned to online platforms to sell them on. France tops the re-commerce leaderboard with 27% of consumers having sold online compared to 20% of consumers in Spain and 19% of consumers in Italy.

The survey also found that among those that have received a brand-new gift they didn’t like:

  • 28% have kept an unwanted gift, knowing it would never be useful
  • 30% have repurposed gifts by ‘gifting’ them to someone else
  • 17% have given an unwanted gift to charity
  • 33% report keeping the item “just in case”

Paul Heimann, Head of Re-Commerce for Adevinta, and CEO of Kleinanzeigen, commented: “For many people, showing love and appreciation for friends and family during the holiday season revolves around the giving and receiving of gifts. But putting sentiment to one side, we all know that presents are not always received in the spirit in which they’re given. Rather than holding onto unwanted gifts, re-commerce marketplaces allow consumers to give these items a second life and clear clutter, while also presenting an opportunity to generate some extra cash in the post-holiday period when budgets are tight.”

Adevinta is a leading online classifieds group, which counts leboncoin (FR), Kleinanzeigen (DE), Marktplaats (NL), Milanuncios (ES), Subito (IT) and 2dehands/2ememain (BE) amongst its European re-commerce marketplaces.

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