Lakehouse and Warehouse: sharing data between environments

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At Adevinta, everything we do begins with data. But effective planning and development requires access to the most accurate, up-to-date information. Which means that our Data Engineers, Data Analysts, Data Scientists and other users need access to data stored in our production environment.

By Gustavo Martin Morcuende

In this article we explain how our lakehouse and warehouse environment is configured to permit real-time data access – without compromising production processes. You will learn:

  • How we configure notebook applications running in isolated environments.
  • Use WaggleDance to route able requests and share data across multiple Hive deployments.
  • The role of AWS Redshift RA3 in separating computation and storage.
  • How to maintain different, isolated environments (production, staging, development etc.) and still provide access to the data your users need – wherever it is located.

Ready to see how it’s done? Read the full article on the Adevinta tech blog.

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