International Women’s Day 2023

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Actions speak louder than words, and we at Adevinta don't shy away from the fact that there is still a lot to do. At Adevinta we celebrated International Women’s Day 2023 by engaging with our employees and igniting important conversations. We organised an internal Adevinta Bytes session (an ongoing series of internal events open to all Adevintans, with the aim to share knowledge with everyone) and hosted several watch parties of Ted Talks across our offices.


Closing the intent-to-action and intent-to-impact gaps in gender equity and equality first asks us to understand how our own day-to-day actions affect those around us. Working toward this understanding can be difficult and uncomfortable. We thank our colleagues in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Paris and around the world for their willingness to invest themselves and to do better by and for each other.
We asked our people a simple question - “ How do we collectively build a more gender inclusive workplace’” and here are some of the responses.

Adevinta Bytes session

We also organised an internal Bytes session during which journalist and writer, Lauren Boudard, explored the topic of invisibilisation of female workers in the world of AI. Starting from the contribution of female engineers on the earliest phases of programming, up until the exploitation of marginalised microworkers behind AI tools, Lauren’s investigation was a striking wake-up call. During the session, Adevintans also had the chance to ask her questions about allyship and men’s role within the fight for gender equity and bias.

Watch parties

Diversity also means diversity of perspectives. Toward a fuller and better understanding of women’s experiences, representation of this diversity is essential. As part of our IWD celebrations, our colleagues in Paris, Barcelona and Berlin got together to watch few of the following TED Talks:

Do set aside a few minutes to watch one, if you can.


Adevinta's DEI team works towards promoting diversity, equity and inclusion at Adevinta everyday! Thank you to our Head of Inclusion, Anneke Beerkens and her wonderful team of specialists, Rossella Bittichesu and Tarra Angelica De Guzman for putting together this year’s celebrations. A big thank you also goes out to Adevinta’s internal grassroots movement, Adevinta for Everyone, that joined forces with the DEI team from the beginning to raise awareness on the DEI agenda at a local level across all hubs.

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