Building an ecosystem of data products

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Find out why we’re treating data as a product, learn how the implementation is going and get a real-life example from one of our domains.

What happens when you treat data as a product? Our Global Capabilities team is on the journey to creating a federated data architecture for analytics. In the full Medium article, we share our progress towards treating “data as a product.” Discover why we did it and how the implementation is going. Plus, we give you a real-life example of data as a product at Adevinta using our messaging domain.

Highlights include:

  • The realities of working with analytical data before applying product thinking to it
  • Observations of behaviour changes that we identified when treating data as a product
  • How we standardised the different layers of data across all domains
  • Our approach to storage, infrastructure and code in the physical implementation
  • The key roles that help to make a success of data product projects

Building an ecosystem of data products

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