An alternative approach to A/B test results calculation: Streaming

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A/B test results are an essential tool for delivering continuous improvement. If you don’t know how a proposed modification performs against the original state, how can you be sure it’s actually an improvement?

By Galderic Punti

The trouble is, A/B tests run in the cloud tend to rely on batch queries which are relatively expensive. So is it possible to calculate those results in a pure streaming mode by processing each event only once?

In this article we explain how the Adevinta team built a streaming mode for A/B test results:

  • How we applied Welford’s algorithm to calculate mean and standard deviation in a single pass (and the problems this caused).
  • How we refined our system to prevent potential data loss with a weighted version of Welford’s algorithm.
  • How to scale the streaming system to support a large number of simultaneous experiments.
  • How to avoid blocking caused by synchronous calls.

Ready to see how it’s done? Read the full article on the Adevinta tech blog.

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