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At Adevinta we believe that we should act for maximum impact, so work is what you do, not where you do it. Therefore, all Adevintans have the option to work from anywhere for a few weeks each year.  This might be to spend a bit of time with family members who don’t live near you, or just to get a change of scenery. We’ve caught up with a few Adevintans to hear about their experiences ‘working from anywhere.’ Learn about their trips below and keep an eye on our social channels for more stories!

Marie-Clémence in Canada

Marie-Clémence Clerc, Director Corporate Communications and B2B Events at leboncoin, shares how much she enjoyed visiting Montreal this winter: “I loved discovering Montreal, it was great to be able to take time to live there for a few weeks, as a local. During the weekends, we would explore Québec and during the week, I kept to my work routine in an office close to our apartment. I’m already thinking about going back!"

Abhishek in Morocco

Abhishek Roy: “I come from India and Adventure is my middle name! I am a DevOps Engineer and I lead a team of amazing Devops Engineers. I wanted to visit the beautiful country of Morocco for a while, so I leveraged the Work From Anywhere policy and went off to Morocco to work in the middle of the Sahara Desert and surf on the beautiful beaches! I was able to enjoy Morocco while also continuing to work. I really value this flexibility and appreciate this amazing policy from Adevinta!”

Maria Alejandra in Colombia

Maria Alejandra Ovieda is People Services Hub Advisor TA Operations at Adevinta. She shares how much she enjoyed being able to work remotely from Colombia this January: “It was great to spend time with my family back in Colombia! I spent my free time enjoying the beach with my dog Maia, soaking up the warm weather & working on my tan, as well as eating lots of Colombian food. It was great to be able to spend more time in Colombia by working remotely.”

Turo in Argentina

Turo López, Head of DesignOps, shared how much he enjoyed recently visiting his home country of Argentina, “Travelling back from Barcelona to Argentina with my son and wife, and being able to work remotely from the place I grew up, has been a truly wonderful experience! I will always be grateful for this opportunity to spend extended time with my family and friends, especially after the long pandemic forced distance. This trip allowed me to reconnect with my roots: nature, sounds, people, and the core values of my childhood. The things that matter most to me!”

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