Adevinta Hungary won European Customer Centricity Award 2022

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Congrats to our colleagues of Adevinta in Hungary who won the European Customer Centricity Award 2022 in the Employee Experience category!


Reason to win this prestigious prize is the team’s development of FunCards. These are a deck of eye-catching cards that contain a lot of pranking, funny and incentive cards. Their mission is to preserve the company culture, make everyday fun, and support work-life balance.  These are interactive cards to use with colleagues to get to know each other better and enjoy working together as a team. The cards can be used online and offline, the participation rate exceeds 90%, leaders participate as well, the communication is daily and a day cannot go by without using a FunCard. In the Hungarian team everyone loves them, they are elements of Adevinta Hungary's organisational culture and part of their everyday life.

Socks & sandals

These are just few of many FunCards we developed:

  • Hello card: We need to have lunch with someone we haven’t talked to yet.
  • Short day: You can leave 3 hours earlier.
  • Opera card: Girls have to dress up casually/elegantly, boys need to work in suits.
  • Good morning card: You can start working 2 hours later.
  • Happy day-off or birthday-off: You get a day off on your birthday.
  • Socks & sandals: If you get them, you have to work in socks-sandals the next day.
  • Breakfast: Have breakfast together with 3 colleagues.
  • Sorting cassette: Somebody has to send you the 20 favourite songs.
  • Fashion Dictator: A colleague will tell you what costume to wear the next day.

Summarising the effectiveness, the FunCards are considered to be very successful, with their contribution we maintain social relationships, strengthen the organisational culture, ensure physical and mental well-being by paying attention to everybody’s needs and converting them into the online space. Shout out to Rita Boros, Adrienn Várnagy and the team for making this possible.

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