Achieve a smaller blast radius with Highly Available Kubernetes clusters


Kubernetes is integral to our operations, allowing us to serve 60,000 requests per second to 20 customers across 30 clusters. In order to deliver an optimised service, we built SCHIP, a specialised multi-tenant Kubernetes distribution that extends and enhances the vanilla distribution. By Tanat Paul Lokejaroenlarb At the same time, we wanted to increase the resilience … Continued

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Deep Dive in PaddleOCR inference


The PaddleOCR framework is an essential part of Adevinta’s OCR API, but our implementation is more than just choosing an optical character recognition technology. Building the service we wanted meant refactoring the code to remove unwanted features and functionality to assure smooth integration with existing architecture. By Urszula Czerwinska Data scientist-Deep Learning engineer  In our … Continued

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Improving OCR service with PaddleOCR


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – the ability to recognise and extract text from images and documents – is an incredibly useful technology. Adevinta uses OCR for a range of applications, from detecting unwanted content in ads to developing more efficient and relevant search results. By Urszula Czerwinska Data scientist-Deep Learning engineer  In this article we: … Continued

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It’s not always DNS – unless it is


When one of our marketplaces reported a strange HTTP error on our internal service, The Common Platform, Adevinta’s site reliability engineers swung into immediate action. What followed was an investigation that lasted several months into one of the trickiest (and strangest) errors we had ever seen. By Tanat Paul Lokejaroenlarb Along the way we learned: … Continued

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How did we celebrate Pride Month across Adevinta?


Pride Month  2023 just came to an end, although celebrations and events across the world and Adevinta continue throughout the summer. Most of the activities that took place were organised thanks to the help of our grassroots movement Adevinta for Everyone (also known as A4E), so we’d like to thank them for their continuous support … Continued

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Adevinta sponsors two Amsterdam tech events


CPTO Peter Maas talked at The Next Web Conference and Machine Learning Specialist Anna Via at GOTO, two tech events in Amsterdam in June.

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Ignite and the Adevinta Awards


Ignite is our yearly moment to come together, celebrate our achievements, both big and small, and embrace the potential of our entire global Adevinta community. The two-day event culminated with a gala to celebrate the finalists and winners of our 2023 Adevinta Awards in Culture, Innovation and Sales. Ignite is much more than your average … Continued

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5 successful Adevinta Meetups in May


The Adevinta Barcelona office has been a hive of activity during May, hosting talks about frontend, backend and business automation.

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Our experience as International Generalists


The International Generalists track, part of our Early Careers Programme, is for graduates and career changers who want to try different roles within Adevinta before deciding where to focus their career. Gonçalo Leão and Soli Naguib talk about what it’s like in this exciting position. By Gonçalo and Soli  Soli Naguib My name is Soli … Continued

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Adevintans work from anywhere


We believe that work is what you do, not where you do it. Therefore, all Adevintans can work from anywhere for a few weeks each year. 

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International Women's Day 2023


Actions speak louder than words, and we at Adevinta don't shy away from the fact that there is still a lot to do. At Adevinta we celebrated International Women’s Day 2023 by engaging with our employees and igniting important conversations.

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