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There’s lots to find out about working at Adevinta, so here are our answers to the most popular questions.

Working at Adevinta

Can I work remotely?

We believe that work is what you do, not where you do it. So, we provide flexible hours and remote working options that give you the autonomy and scope to set your own agenda and working patterns. Find out more about our Smart Working policy here.

I’m not a developer/engineer. Is there still a role for me?

 We have many types of roles available, including marketing, sales, finance, design and research. Whatever your passion, there could be a role for you.
Visit our jobs page to see what opportunities we have open.

Visit our jobs page to find out more. 

Do I need to know English to work at Adevinta?

To work in one of our Global Teams, we ask that you are able to speak and write in English – other languages are always a plus! For local teams, this will depend on the marketplace and region. 

How does Adevinta support diversity and inclusion?

We want to make sure all of our employees feel valued, so we ask our people what they think, how they feel in the workplace and what they’d like to see happening in the future. We take pride in Adevinta for everyone (A4E), a grassroots movement within our company that aims to organise and build a more inclusive workplace, where everyone feels like they belong and can express their true selves. Examples of what we’ve celebrated in the past include Pride Month, Black History Month and International Women’s Day.

What benefits do you offer?

You’ll have access to global networks of knowledge and platforms, as well as all the technology and support you need to grow and develop. Our benefits vary across marketplaces and locations but include perks such as private health insurance, gym membership, personal development opportunities and flexible working hours.

Do you help with relocation?

It depends on the team, location and role, but we are sometimes able to help with relocation by sponsoring visas, finding you a place to live or providing support for financial changes i.e. taxes.

Do you allow flexible work hours?

We believe that work is what you do, not where you do it. So we provide flexible hours and remote work options that give you the autonomy and scope to set your own agenda and working patterns. Find out more about our Smart Working policy here.

Do you offer part-time positions?

Yes, we do. Normally we make it clear in the job description of each role whether it is part time or full time, but there are some roles that allow both.

Do you offer entry-level positions and internships?

Yes, we do. In fact, we have a whole programme dedicated to bringing junior talent into the company called the Early Careers Programme. Through this initiative we offer Early STARter internships, Technical Specialist and Trainee positions and an International Generalist graduate programme. Find out more about Early Careers at Adevinta here.

Getting to know Adevinta

How does Adevinta support sustainable consumption?

Sustainability is in our DNA. Every day, millions of people buy and sell second-hand items on our marketplaces. Every time they do, there is a potential reduction of the world’s environmental footprint. We call this the Second Hand Effect. Find out more here

What’s the difference between Local Teams and Global Teams?

Adevinta is a global organisation that encompasses 30+ digital products and sites around the world. Each local marketplace focuses on one country or region in order to fulfill their specific need. Our household name brands, including Marktplaats in the Netherlands, in Germany and leboncoin in France. Working in a local team means working in or alongside one of these local businesses.

Our Global Teams are based at one of our four Tech Hubs in Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris. They support our marketplaces by working on global products, platforms and components, and also scale local solutions and share knowledge across our network.

What’s the culture like at Adevinta?

At Adevinta, we believe that a good working environment is key in enabling our employees to thrive. We celebrate and support each other through our wins and losses, knowing that it is our effort as a team that allows us to make a positive impact. No day is the same, and everyday there will be different opportunities for you to grow and develop. Watch our culture video to find out what our employees think.

Which countries do you operate in?

We operate in Canada, Spain, France, Brazil, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Ireland.

Where are your Global Teams/Tech Hubs located?

Our Tech Hubs are located in Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Berlin. Have a look at our locations here.

Help with searching for jobs

How do I search for jobs?

You can see which jobs are available on our jobs page

How do I apply for a job?

You can see which opportunities are available by visiting our jobs page. Once you click on the job description, there will be a button through which you can apply. 

Is it possible to simply submit my CV?

No. And there’s a good reason for that. We’re all about great matches, so we want you to pick a role in Adevinta that you’re passionate about and apply for it.

What if I don’t find any relevant jobs to apply to?

We open new jobs all the time. The best idea is to bookmark our jobs page and keep checking back regularly. 

Can I set job alerts?

At the moment, you can’t set job alerts. The best thing to do is to bookmark our jobs page and keep checking back regularly.

The recruitment process

What are the stages of the recruitment process?

This of course depends on the country, department, team and role. But recruitment processes generally include an introductory phone call with HR to get to know you a bit better, then some interviews to either meet the team or test the required skills for the role. We also put a high value on culture. This means we evaluate candidates according to specific competencies and behaviours, and think about what they can add to the company culture. This often culminates in a final culture interview. 

Once I’ve submitted my application, how soon can I expect to hear from you?

This varies from role to role, country to country and team to team. We try to respond to every application as quickly as possible, but the time can vary depending on how many candidates apply.

Can I apply for more than one role?

Yes, you can apply for as many roles as you want; it will have no effect on your application.

If I don’t receive a job offer, when can I apply again?

You can apply at any time to any open role you think you fit the profile for!

Do you have a specific recruitment process for former Adevintans?

No, we don’t have a specific process for former Adevintans. It depends on the employee and the type of role you are applying for. We review each case individually.

How can I withdraw from a job I’ve applied for?

You can always withdraw your application – simply email your talent or HR representative and ask to be withdrawn. 

How can I delete my data from your database?

You can directly contact the recruiter you’ve spoken to during the process and ask them to remove it.

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